100% uptime a must: VectorStock

Citrix NetScaler ADC Enables Online Image Library to Deliver Rock-Solid Service

  • VectorStock now delivers 100% uptime for more than 2.5 million registered users
  • Deptive’s solution is built to scale as VectorStock’s global customer base continues to grow
  • Business risk minimised without stress or interruption.

“Citrix NetScaler has solved 100% of our problems and addressed the brief completely.”

Stephen Green – Director and Founder, VectorStock

The Challenge

As a New Zealand-based global business with an entirely online business model, VectorStock required their web application to have 100% uptime and 100% availability 24/7 for its large international customer base.

As their business is supplying vector images to some of the world’s leading advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies, VectorStock couldn’t afford for service standards to slip, even briefly.

In addition, VectorStock’s solution needed to integrate with the IBM SoftLayer data centre which hosts the site.

The Solution

VectorStock conducted their own desk-based research to identify the very best technology and quickly realised that they needed enterprise-level application load balancing (ADC). It was Citrix NetScaler that kept coming up as the industry standard.

An estimated 75% of all internet traffic passes through a NetScaler ADC, including all traffic through Google, EBay and MSN. The Directors of VectorStock were pleased to learn that the technology that keeps these global heavy-hitters performing 24/7 was now available for smaller companies like theirs.

They contacted Citrix in the USA for recommendations on local New Zealand support and were given a list of the handful of certified providers. VectorStock contacted the companies on the list. Deptive was the quickest to reply, and gave the most direct answers. Others just send forms to fill out and couldn’t start for months. This suited VectorStock just fine, as from previous experience things took too long with big corporates. They were keen to work with a small Citrix specialist who could give them personal service.

“Deptive are really easy to work with and probably a lot more cost-effective than going with a large corporate. They were very proactive without much effort on our part. The communication was great – we always knew what stage we were up to and what was going to happen next.”

Stephen Green – Director and Founder, VectorStock

Deptive started by carrying out a detailed analysis of VectorStock’s requirements and implemented NetScaler with a custom protection plan. Today, the Deptive team continue to serve VectorStock by proactively managing the protection measures in NetScaler to meet the changing nature of denial of service (DOS) attacks. Plus, they are automatically alerted to any abnormal activity.

The Benefits

Having the VectorStock web application running at 100% uptime and performing at top speed keeps its global customers happy and coming back for more. This is crucial to driving revenue growth from repeat business and recommendations.

“VectorStock demonstrate so well how a small bunch of Kiwis can use brains and technology to win on the world stage”

Jason Poyner – Technical Director, Deptive

What Next?

As Stephen says...

“We have Deptive on board for the long term for providing services for the Citrix products. As we grow we will need more applications to assist with that growth. There is a lot of scope for that with Citrix products. I would definitely recommend Deptive. They are very responsive and have no hesitation to take calls outside normal business hours.”

Stephen Green - Director and Founder, VectorStock

About VectorStock

Founded in Auckland in 2007, VectorStock is a business-to-business web application for buying and selling Vector images. Its 2.5 million+ registered users include some of the world’s leading advertising agencies, gaming & design companies, film & television networks, along with a number of Fortune 500 companies. The company is still entirely based in New Zealand. To find out more, visit VectorStock.com

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