From complaints to calm: Fairfax Media

Best known for keeping New Zealand and Australia up to date with the day’s news, Fairfax Media reached out to Deptive with some problems of their own.  For years, Fairfax had been tolerating a slow IT system. Instead of being able to focus on fixing the root causes of these issues, Fairfax’s IT department was continually firefighting, stuck in a position of being swamped with service calls from staff.

Enter Deptive. We did a full analysis, working alongside the staff and leadership alike to ascertain what would best help the business strategically. Next up, we designed, implemented and rolled out a new system, communicating with Fairfax’s IT team every step of the way.  The end result?  A 25% reduction in calls to the service desk, and a very tangible change — less time fighting fires, more time working on business strategy.  With lowered stress levels for all involved and increased productivity, Fairfax were able to focus on doing what they do best, while making significant cost savings.

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