The modern workplace: the right technology for your diverse workforce

The concept of working productively from anywhere and on any device is becoming increasingly popular – but that’s not all that the modern workplace is.

Here at Deptive, we believe the modern workplace is about more than the cliché of ‘It’s what you do; not where you are’. Here’s why.

A people-centred approach

Today’s workforce is increasingly diverse – from the roles that people fill, to their lifestyles outside of work.

The modern workplace is about adapting to that diverse workforce. It’s about understanding the human element – how they work, where they work from, what makes sense for their lifestyle, how to keep things secure, and what their needs are – before we ever look at technology.

Segments of users really do need the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere, from any device. If your sales team are out on the road, then making sure that their down time between meetings is productive is vital. They absolutely need to be able to access the apps they use on their mobile device, or be able to connect into your systems from a café between meetings. A lot of people talking about the modern workplace are still talking about only these users. But does everyone else actually need that flexibility?

Factory workers, call centre staff, or other employees who work defined hours and aren’t going to be checking their emails at 9pm at night aren’t necessarily going to need (or want) the same level of flexibility. Instead, you’ll need to make sure that they’ve got the tools on hand to empower them – without taking over their lives.

Sales staff, factory workers, execs, engineers… Whoever makes up your team, essential to a modern workplace is acknowledging and exploring the human element – and then selecting or designing technology to suit your people.

Adapting to modern IT

The modern workplace isn’t just a shift for the end user – it’s also an opportunity for your IT department to improve operations and evolve. From talking to many CIOs at the recent CIO Summit conference, we’re seeing a move away from in-house infrastructure. Instead, the clear desire is for a cloud-delivered workspace which allows IT to be more efficient and more agile while making people more successful in their jobs.

Security is top of mind for most CIOs – one of the challenges you’re left facing as you move to a modern way of working is that traditional boundaries are broken down. From people to devices to data, making sure that every aspect of the modern workplace is secure, no matter where they are, is a key part of providing a solution.

Collaboration using Office 365, cloud-based device management and printing, and cloud-based security to ensure you’re protected no matter where people are, are all part of the modern workplace  – but require a very different set of skills and knowledge from an IT team. At Deptive, we work alongside IT teams to make sure that they’re armed with the right tools and understanding to make your modern workplace successful – from the humans to the technology.

The impact of not moving with the times

If you’re not adopting the modern way of working, you’re not getting the most out of your people. Operationally, you simply won’t be as efficient. Nor will you be able to retain and attract the best talent. We love helping CIOs who are passionate about improving productivity, enabling the freedom to work anywhere, and improving the end user experience – because they’re the people who are capable of creating a truly modern workplace.

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