Deptive’s Founder & CEO at ALGIM 2019

People know that I’m passionate about improving employee experience, so when I was selected to present at the ALGIM Annual Conference in 2019, it’s no surprise that I chose to speak about creating an awesome employee experience.

With the rapidly changing workplace, organisations are struggling to attract and retain the best people which results in high employee turnover, high employment costs, less innovation, and lower levels of customer service.

In this presentation I share my thoughts on the 3 biggest challenges organisations are facing when it comes to employee experience. I cover the value of creating, and continuing to deliver, an awesome employee experience. And how, by improving the technology experience, overall employee experience will improve.

I would love to hear what you are doing to improve employee experience so feel free to make contact.

Jason Poyner

Put people at the heart of your transformation.

The ultimate guide to creating the digital experiences your employees will love.

This guide will help you reap the benefits of employee engagement, create a more agile organisation, enable employee productivity from anywhere, and streamline your IT operations in the process to create a truly modern, digital workspace.


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