How to disable the “Print Dialog” window with XenApp plugin for Mac

I have a client using some Apple Macs to connect to a Citrix XenApp farm. All was working except an annoying “print dialog” pop-up window whenever a print job was sent. This Citrix article states “This feature may be enabled or disabled under the File menu of the Citrix ICA Client”.
But our client is using the XenApp plugin, not the full XenApp client and this article is not relevent for the plugin, only the full client.

What I was after was a way to disable this feature in the Mac plugin and this is the solution, with much thanks to Citrix Support:

Using Terminal, type the following command (PSShowPrintDialog must be typed exactly as shown):


When the Client is launched it reads the setting, so restart the Client if it is already running for it to see the change.

My goal is always to remove any manual steps so I asked Citrix if this setting could be automated, and one option (which I have yet to test) is to create a simple Apple Script as follows:
do shell script “defaults write com.citrix.icaclient PSShowPrintDialog NO”

This can be made using Script Editor which can be found in Applications -> AppleScript (just copy and paste the command above). The script can be saved as an application for anyone to use (and could be set to run at start-up using System Preferences if required, or linked on the Web Interface site).


  1. Anonymous says:

    What version of the online plugin were you using?
    I’ve tried the command you got from Citrix for version 11.2 and version 11.3 without any luck



  2. Hi Craig,

    I believe the client was the Mac Online plugin version 11.2. I do not have a Mac available to test this on at present sorry. Do you get any errors/messages when you run the command?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for answer back Jason,

    The command works fine, no errors. I still get the print dialog box when printing. The reason I need to turn the dialog box off is becuase I have an app that can create over 100 individual print files that the user would have to response to the prompt for each one.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Comment by Kathleen:
    Any fix to this. I have 400+ individual print files that the user has to individually respond to.

  5. Good timing – I recently contacted Citrix support about this issue. With the Mac 11.2 client the ability to turn off the print dialog was “overlooked” (a “bug” was never mentioned 🙂 However this has been fixed in the latest Mac client version 11.4. Our client has tested it and confirmed the print dialog box does not show.

    I hope this helps.

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