Finding ‘Who’ you need: The newest Microsoft Teams app making it easy

A pretty basic need of organisations (especially large ones) is for employees to be able to find others in the organisation. Whether it’s looking for who manages a specific employee/who’s in each team, or finding the contact details for someone you need to talk to about a specific project, having that information at your fingertips is vital to making communication and working together easy.

At Deptive, we’re excited about the prospect of a brand new app which is making finding that information easy for those using Microsoft Office 365.

It’s called ‘Who’, and it’s an app for Microsoft Teams which uses data from Azure Active Directory to let the end user make natural language queries, in order to find out what they need to about people within the organisation.

So why could this be useful for your organisation?

  • It makes finding people info easy: Just type who is and an employee’s name to see that person’s position is the organisation and contact details – this makes getting information simple and intuitive.
  • It acts as a dynamic organisational chart: No need to manually create or update an organisational chart; it’s dynamically generated based on Azure Active Directory.
  • It’s already at your fingertips: instead of making staff use yet another app, they can make queries in the same tool they’re already using for collaboration – without any additional data entry or configuration needed.

The ‘Who’ Teams app is another sign that Microsoft is continuing to develop and extend its Office 365 suite. ‘Who’ will enable your team to quickly and easily identify the people they need to find within the organisation – and the bigger the organisation, the bigger the impact. Because ‘Who’ is built into Teams, once the right person is found, it’s super easy to collaborate or communicate with that person.

Check out just how easy it is to find the info you need using ‘Who’ in the video below, then reach out if you’re keen to get started using it.

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