Display the server name on Citrix Web Interface

When load balancing Citrix Web Interface servers a useful tweak is to display the Web Interface server in small text on the web page. This assists in troubleshooting any issues as you can easily ask the user to tell you the web server they are connected to. I do not recommend making this change to external facing sites (via Access Gateway) to ensure internal server names are not exposed.
Browse to your Web Interface site /app_data/include folder and edit footer.inc and add the code shown in blue below:

// footer.inc
// Copyright (c) 2000 – 2010 Citrix Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Web Interface

Copy the modified footer.inc to all Web Interface sites/servers and now when you browse to your Web Interface site you will see something like this at the bottom of the web page:

And in case anyone was wondering, I always use Citrix NetScaler VPX for load balancing Citrix Web Interface.


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