Discover the power of Microsoft Power Apps – Deptive webinar replay

It’s the low code/no code option for rapid development of custom business apps and its changing how Kiwi businesses big and small approach software development.

Microsoft’s Power Apps has gained significant traction in recent years, particularly as the pandemic required organisations to quickly develop new web and mobile applications and automate cumbersome business processes.

Power Apps has also become a core area of capability for Deptive, with customers ranging from real estate leader Bayleys to aged care provider Oceania Healthcare turning to us for our expertise in deploying Power Apps to great effect.

“The results really do make organisations more efficient and make them more competitive,” says Jason Poyner, Deptive’s CEO and co-founder.

“I think the reason it excites me so much is that I’m from an infrastructure background,” Poyner explained on the Power of PowerApps webinar, which showcased examples of how the suite of apps, services, connectors and the data platform underpinning it can be harnessed for low-cost and rapid app development.

“When I was an engineer, I was all about, you know, the server-side and the desktop side. Sometimes it’s quite hard to see the real business benefits of the work that happened if  you’re upgrading a server to the latest operating system.”

Watch Deptive’s Power of the PowerApps webinar to see how a corporate events RSVP apps was developed in a matter of hours.

With PowerApps, the return on investment can be immediately obvious. When Bayleys approached Deptive for help creating an automated invoice processing system, it was with the aim of winning back the time of staff so they could concentrate on more important tasks.

On a daily basis, dozens of invoices would flow into Bayleys’ email inbox from various suppliers, all requiring manual attention. The work was time-consuming and prone to errors. Using Power Apps and SharePoint, Deptive helped Bayleys automate the processing of all invoices.

“For the person whose job it was to do that, we saved 70% of their time, which is pretty amazing,” says Poyner.

The simple creation of a Power App, using the existing Microsoft licence Bayley’s had in place, achieved a 320% return on investment in its first year. 

Similarly impressive results have been achieved at Oceania Healthcare, where Power Apps was used to develop a new app for approving capital expenditure requests.

Time was of the essence for Oceania Healthcare, which was migrating its systems to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and wanted to move off its existing capital expenditure management app.

“We had to think fast, otherwise, we’d be stuck paying for another full year,” explains Jacquie Keller, Oceania Healthcare’s Head of Technology Delivery.

“We wanted to automate a business process and we didn’t really need the full functionality of an off-the-shelf application with all the bells and whistles and the cost that would come with it,” she says.

Read about how Oceania Healthcare tapped Deptive’s expertise to build a Power App that has taken the hassle out of managing capital expenditure approval requests.

Deptive stepped up to help Oceania Healthcare launch its first Power App, creating an app that had all of the functionality of the old app and more. It was also mobile-ready, making it much more convenient for staff at Oceania’s 45 aged care facilities to use.

“The biggest benefit for us is that its part of our IT environment,” adds Keller.

“It falls under our security framework, it’s linked to our employees. So we don’t need to maintain a separate user list and logins.”

For Deptive’s modern Workplace Consultant, Tanel Vähk, the beauty of Power Apps lies in its ease of use, but also its flexibility to handle data from a variety of sources, from SharePoint, Excel and Office 365 to Dynamics 365, and SQL Server.

“There are over 300 connectors that can be used to connect different sources and if there is no connector, no problem,” he says.

“Microsoft allows you to create them and bring them into the Microsoft environment.”

For the likes of Bayleys and Oceania Healthcare, custom code components developed for Power Apps can be reused from application to application, allowing them to quickly apply the power of the platform to automating or streamlining other business tasks.

“When you combine Power Apps with Power Automate, it’s a really powerful automation platform,” Poyner concluded on the Deptive webinar.

Want to get going with your first Power App? Check out the webinar for real-life examples of Power Apps in action or get in touch for a consultation with one of our Power Apps experts.

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