Configuring Citrix UPM to only include specified items

Citrix User Profile Manager (UPM) is designed to be inclusive. By this I mean it will include all changes in a users profile (file system and registry) unless you specify otherwise.
I am setting up a XenApp 6 farm where only a single application is installed which stores it’s settings in a single registry key. For this type of environment I do not want the entire user profile to be managed by UPM, only the single registry key needs to be managed and the rest of the profile can be dropped at logoff. It is not difficult, but also not intuitive, to configure UPM to behave like this.

Here is how I have configured UPM via Group Policy, note that the Citrix UPM adm needs to be added to the GPO before the below settings show up. Once the adm is imported, the settings are found here:
Computer Config\Policies\Classic Admin Templates\Citrix\Profile Management

General UPM Config

Enable Profile Management = Enabled
Active write back = Enabled
Path to user store =
Profile handling\Delete locally cached profiles at logoff = Enabled
Profile handling\Migration of existing profiles = None
Local profile conflict handling = Delete local profile
Streamed user profiles\Profile streaming = Enabled
Streamed user profiles\Always cache = 1 MB
Timeout for pending area lock files = 1 day

Specific UPM Config to exclude all setting except HKCU\Software\MyApp

Registry\Exclusion list
– Software
Registry\Inclusion list
File system\Exclusion list – directories
– AppData
– Contacts
– Desktop
– Favorites
– Links
– My Documents
– My Music
– My Pictures
– My Videos
– Saved Games
– Searches
– Documents
– Music
– Pictures
– Videos
Exclusion list – files
– *.*
File system\Synchonization\Directories to synchronize = Disabled
File system\Synchonization\Files to synchronize = Disabled

There you have it, hopefully it comes in handy.

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