Citrix StoreFront SQL database creation script

Citrix StoreFront will become the standard client access point for XenApp & XenDesktop over the next couple of years replacing the venerable Citrix Web Interface. The current release of Web Interface (5.4) is the last release and the product will be retired in 2015.
StoreFront uses a SQL database to store user preferences which provides a consistent user experience across different platforms and locations. Citrix have a 10 step process for creating the SQL database which I have always found a little convoluted, so I have wrapped up the SQL commands into a single script with four variables to customise for the environment.
The high level steps to install StoreFront using my script are:

  1. Install StoreFront (do not configure StoreFront yet!)
  2. Create an AD group and add the StoreFront AD computer object(s) into the group
  3. Edit the script and customise the @DATABASE_NAME, @MDF_FILE, @LOG_FILE and @STOREFRONT_COMPUTER_GROUP variables to suit your environment
  4. Open the SQL script in Microsoft SQL Server Management and run it
  5. Import an SSL certificate into IIS configure the web site for HTTPS
  6. “Deploy” (configure) StoreFront.
Easy huh? Let me know if you have any issues or if you have any enhancement you would like to share (I’m no SQL expert!)
For more detail on the StoreFront configuration see the CloudGateway Entperprise POC Best Practise Guide.

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