Citrix CloudGateway 2.0: Enable BYOD and Enterprise Mobility

Citrix have this morning released CloudGateway 2.0 which has some exciting new features. I was so keen to see the new CloudGateway feature I even got up for a 5am webinar!

Citrix CloudGateway is all about having a single point of control for all applications on all devices; Windows, web & mobile (iOS/Android/HTML5) applications delivered to any device which can run the Citrix Receiver client.
Four MDX Technologies where introduced this morning:
MDX App Vault.Deliver native mobile applications to mobile devices.
MDX Web Connect.A secure web browser for accessing intranet sites securely from mobile applications.
MDX Micro VPN.Secure access connection between the mobile application and the corporate network. Ensures personal data on the mobile device is not exposed to the corporate network.
MDX Policy Orchestration.Policy based control system for mobile application delivery.
Citrix ShareFile integration was also announced provides access to corporate data from any device with a Citrix Receiver.
Citrix also announced they will extend their Citrix Ready partnership to mobile app ISVs to grow the adoption of CloudGateway as an enterprise delivery platform for mobile devices.
Citrix will release a secure enterprise E-mail, calendar & contacts client for mobile devices via Citrix CloudGateway 2.0. This is due later in 2012, and combined with the MDX Web Connect, provides Citrix customers with the means to securely deliver the basic mobile applications most users require.

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