Arm your organisation with the tools to thrive in the modern workplace. Secure, manage, and support your devices anywhere, anytime, with modern device management.

Modern device management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint helps you reduce device provisioning and management costs, boost security and offer a great digital experience to your people on any device and from any location.

What is Microsoft Endpoint Manager?

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) is a cloud-based modern device management platform that provides the tools needed to manage devices in today’s modern workplace. Microsoft Intune, Configuration Manager, Desktop Analytics, Azure Active Directory, and Windows Autopilot combine to provide a comprehensive device management suite for your Windows 10/11, Android, iOS and macOS devices.

These services are part of the Microsoft 365 stack to help secure access, protect data, respond to risk, and manage risk.

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager Advantage

The massive shift to hybrid working now sees employees spending more time on their devices out of the office. That has major implications for onboarding new staff, and keeping devices up to date and secure, no matter where they are.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows your organisation to take control of your devices with a centralised view for managing, reporting and aligning configuration to your business policies and compliance needs. It ensures the applications and data your users require to be productive are always available to them, whether they are in the office or working from home.

What is Microsoft Defender for Endpoint?

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint delivers endpoint security for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and network devices and helps to rapidly stop attacks and evolve your defences. It’s cloud-delivered, with built-in threat intelligence AI. It offers vulnerability management, endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), mobile threat defence, and managed hunting all in a single, unified platform.

Security for today’s workplace

Organisations need a security model that meets the complex needs of the modern workplace, embraces the mobile workforce, and protects people, devices, applications, and data wherever they are located. Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint help you adopt a Zero Trust model by enforcing device health and compliance, providing secure access to your apps and data.

Whether your devices are in the office or at home connected to the Internet, your security policies will be applied and all devices will receive the latest security updates.

Zero-touch provisioning

Traditionally, IT pros spend significant time building and customizing images that will later be deployed to devices. Windows Autopilot introduces a new approach. Windows Autopilot zero-touch provisioning sets up and pre-configures new devices, getting them ready for use. It's designed to simplify the lifecycle of Windows devices, for both IT and end users, from initial deployment through end of life. This reduces the time IT spends on deploying, managing, and retiring devices. From the user's perspective, it only takes a few simple clicks to make their device ready to use.


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