Shadowing a XenApp session speeds up the session

Here’s the scenario: a user calls the helpdesk from a remote site saying that Citrix session performance is not good. The helpdesk shadows the user’s session and suddenly the problem is gone – the session is now performing great. “What’s the problem?” says the helpdesk person, “Everything looks fine!”……..

I’ve known of this behaviour for a while, but can’t find any detail on how or why this happens. From my searching, this is what I think happens:
When a user is shadowed, the shadower takes over the session (the session is now effectively between the server and the shadower) and the shadowee becomes sort of a spectator. So why does this speed up the session? Usually the shadowers (support staff) are better connected to the Citrix servers then the shadowee (LAN vs WAN).

I believe this behaviour is due to network performance, but the argument I get from the networking team is “but the session is still established to the end user so it can’t be the network”. The only info I have found is here and here. But I would like to know what exactly is happening.

I’ll see what I can dig up.

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