Simplified desktop management

Virtual desktop management – enabling huge efficiencies for NZ businesses

Virtual desktop technology is advanced, innovative and highly effective. But if you keep using your current desktop management techniques, virtualisation will simply move the management from your offices to the data centre.

The trick is to design and implement a  solution that greatly reduces the effort required to manage and maintain your virtual desktops and applications. That’s where Deptive excels: drawing on years of experience to streamline your systems while we’re virtualising them, greatly reducing your management time at the same time as improving your flexibility. Yep, you’ll have plenty of time for your other important projects – you might even be able to leave work on time for a change.

Single Instance Virtual Desktop Image Management

Single instance disk image management is virtual desktop management nirvana – a single instance of each disk image for your entire desktop fleet! When you need to install a new application to all desktops you no longer install the application on hundreds or thousands of computers. Instead, you can just install the new application in each unique master image. Some businesses even manage to have a single master image, while some require several images. Even if you can’t run with just one, managing five disk instances is much easier than managing 5000. You can replace days or weeks of effort you would have spent on updating core software with a single update, which is applied to all desktops at next reboot. And reversing a desktop change is just as easy.

Citrix VDI and Desktop Management

When you choose the right VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) vendor, you’ll also have access to the tools for single instance disk image management. Citrix have a big advantage over their competitors with Provisioning Services (PVS) and Machine Creation Services (MSC) two ways to achieve single instance disk image management. MCS is a simple solution for small to medium deployments and PVS is scalable with built-in versioning for medium to large deployments. Amazing VDI is part of the reason we love (and partner with) Citrix.

When you implement a virtual desktop solution with single instance disk image management, you’ll greatly reduce the time you spend troubleshooting desktop issues. A simple reboot of a troublesome desktop will return the desktop to its master image state and any issues introduced by changes since the last reboot will be gone. For once, the old IT cliché of turning it off and back on really works!

To find out more about how mobility, desktop virtualisation and application delivery could benefit your business – call Deptive on 0800 000 141.

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