Mainfreight Citrix XenApp Server Case Study

Citrix XenApp Server Farm Delivers Applications Globally

Deptive rescues stalled project and delivers bullet-proof Citrix support

  • Robust Citrix XenApp server farm facilitates simple deployment of new applications across international locations.
  • High performing, online services provided by Citrix NetScalers and Citrix Branch Repeaters.
  • Long term support partnership ensures knowledge transfer to in-house staff and on-call technical expertise.

The challenge

When Mainfreights 2010 Citrix farm roll-out across New Zealand, Australia and Asia came to a halt due to the complex Citrix elements of the project, Deptive were brought in as a high end technical resource to assist the internal team and provide specialist Citrix consulting services.

“When Mainfreight asked me where they could get Citrix expertise to get their XenApp project completed I recommended several partners and Mainfreight chose Deptive. Deptive are a Citrix partner with a track record of getting difficult projects across the line and I was confident they could do it again for Mainfreight.

Nigel Pengelly,Client Manager, Citrix Systems

“We made enquiries about Deptive and heard they were good; and they are very good at what they do.

David Hall,Group IT Infrastructure Manager, Mainfreight

The solution

Deptive worked within the business for several months completing the Citrix deployment and ironing out the issues which had stalled the project. The main requirements were to get the project completed quickly, and make sure the solution was robust.

The Citrix farm was implemented as a way to deliver applications to Asia. The initial implementation was a success, and subsequent roll outs to Australia, the US and Europe have gone smoothly.

The Deptive team brought considerable IP to the project on how to build a Citrix environment, best practice and fast tracks. With an expert team and vast knowledge from previous experience, Deptive were well equipped to take on this project.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years. In New Zealand, Deptive are the best in their field.

David Hall,Group IT Infrastructure Manager, Mainfreight

Deptive have used the central deployment platform to implement other solutions including NetScalers and Branch Repeaters (WAN accelerators), as well as providing valuable consulting advice to Mainfreight.

“The Citrix infrastructure has proven to be useful, valuable, and is working really well. It has been used to deploy a number of other solutions around the country, as well as to Australia, the US and Europe.

David Hall,Group IT Infrastructure Manager, Mainfreight

As a result of these successes, Mainfreight is committed to deploying more applications, and will continue to grow the technical capacity of the business.

“All these successes are a reflection of the work done by Deptive; I place a lot of trust in them to do a good job, and they do. They are very good at what they do.

David Hall,Group IT Infrastructure Manager, Mainfreight

Not only has the Citrix infrastructure made delivering applications to the wider business a lot simpler; applications can now be centrally managed, the Citrix solution provides the Mainfreight team with a consistent method for accessing business applications, and applications delivered from the Citrix XenApp farm outperform applications deployed to globally dispersed desktop computers.

Having a well implemented platform and the experts from Deptive on site regularly has meant that it is easier to both support users and the Citrix environment, and Mainfreight has not needed to increase resources to support the growing Citrix farm.

The outcome

Mainfreight have continued to use Deptive since 2010 to support their Citrix infrastructure. The team at Deptive spend time in the Mainfreight office every week working with IT management to ensure the Citrix infrastructure can meet the evolving needs of Mainfreights global business, and working with the technical team on problem analysis and resolution.

“This is a partnership; Deptive work with our in-house team mentoring and providing knowledge transfer. Every time they roll out a new project or fix and issue they make sure our guys know how to do it too.

David Hall,Group IT Infrastructure Manager, Mainfreight

“We enjoy working within this type of collaborative model and a long term support relationship gives us deep insight into both the client’s Citrix infrastructure, and what their technical requirements are, so we can suggest and implement the absolute best solutions to suit their business.

Jason Poyner, Technical Director,Deptive

Citrix XenApp Server Case Study

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