Desktop Virtualisation and application delivery solutions that provide freedom and security.

Desktop virtualisation gives your staff the freedom to work efficiently and productivity wherever they happen to be whether in New Zealand, or traveling overseas.

The business world’s jumping on board the desktop virtualisation wagon, and here’s why:

  • Improved Security: With the desktop in the data centre, your sensitive data also stays in the data centre.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Allow staff to securely work from anywhere, at any time and from any device.
  • Easy BYOD: Desktop virtualisation is a great platform for enabling BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
  • More Agility: New desktops in the company can be brought into the fold with ease. No fuss, no muss.
  • Radically simplified desktop management: Application deployments, operating system updates and migrations become simple tasks which are easily reversed

Desktop virtualisation for all

Desktop virtualisation is here to stay, but there are a range of solutions, from the donkey to the Ferrari. The team at Deptive partner with Citrix heavyweight champions of virtualisation. Citrix provides the gold standard in virtualisation platforms: suitable for everyone in your business, whoever they are, whatever they do. They call this FlexCast, and this awesome technology is the reason Deptive loves Citrix, and partners with them to deliver the most robust, innovative and effective virtualisation platforms and application delivery on the market. No donkey, all Ferrari.

Types of desktop virtualisation:

Hosted VDI

Hosted VDI desktops offer a personalised Windows desktop experience typically used in office situations. The service can be securely delivered over any network, to any device, combining the benefits of central management with full user personalisation.

Hosted Shared

Hosted Shared desktops provide a locked down, streamlined and standardised environment with a core set of applications, ideally suited for task workers where less personalisation is required or allowed. This model offers a significant cost savings over any other virtual desktop technology.

Local VM

Local VM desktops extend the benefits of centralised, single-instance management to mobile workers that need to use their laptops offline. When they are able to connect to a suitable network, changes to the OS, apps and user data are automatically synchronised with the datacentre.

Streamed VHD

Streamed VHDs leverage the local processing power of well-resourced clients, while providing centralised single-image management of the desktop. This approach offers an easy, low-cost way for customers to get started with desktop virtualization by leveraging existing PC resources and keeping datacentre overhead to a minimum. It can also be ideal for government and university labs that use diskless PCs for maximum data security.

Freedom and efficiency through desktop virtualisation – call Deptive today on 0800 000 141

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