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Work is not a place, it is what you do. Your employees or contractors need to be able to work at the office, at home, or on the go. People need to be able to work whenever and wherever they want and to have secure and immediate access to applications and data from any location and any device.

Enterprise mobility refers to the ability of an organisation to securely deliver critical mobile applications and data to all users. This includes staff, contractors, and outsourcing partners working on a company owned computer or their own device (BYOD).

An example of a mobility solution in action might be, an employee at their child’s basketball game on a Saturday morning when they receive a phone call from a client urgently requesting them to email some information. With the right mobility solutions in place, they can use their mobile device to securely access the data they need and simply email it. Managers are no longer tied to their desks, and the spin-offs are enhanced customer service and improved productivity.

How does mobility work (MDM, MAM, EMM)?

Central to enabling mobility is a shift from device-centric IT to people-centric IT. Rather than the PC or laptop being the centre of a person’s business life, it is now the person at the centre with a number of devices, both company owned and personal, to provide the flexibility and mobility necessary to the modern workplace.

The best mobility solutions focus on more than just mobile device management (MDM). Deptive combines MDM, Mobile Application Management (MAM) and secure enterprise level file sharing with desktop and application virtualisation to provide an enterprise mobility management solution (EMM), and when we’ve provided a solution for your MDM, MAM and EMM, we’ll ensure everything continues to run smoothly, through our formal Managed Services Contract. Click here for more information about Deptive Managed Services.


The productivity of your organisation’s workforce will increase when they are able to access data and applications from their mobile devices. With the freedom of a mobile solution, they can use email and retrieve company documents from any location, whenever it is most convenient for them. Mobile applications for line of business (LOB) will allow a business user to fulfill their business need by accessing specialist applications and data from their mobile device/devices at any time, from any place.

Employer of choice

Top talent demands top tools. With the increasingly technologically savvy and talented workforce, your organisation’s ability to attract and retain talented staff depends directly on your ability to provide them with the tools they demand.

A disturbingly low percentage of employees currently feel that they have the right tools to get their jobs done outside the office. This disparity hits organisational productivity hard. Talented staff want to be able to use their own devices (BYOD) such as iPads and iPhones in the workplace.

Being able to offer your workforce the right BYOD technology places you in a better position to attract the right talent. When your organisation uses tools like Citrix XenApp, ShareFile, XenMobile and XenDesktop, your staff can bring and use their own devices (BYOD). At the same time, your organisation can be confident that there are sufficient security controls in place to secure your users data as well as the organisation’s data integrity.

Deptive, in partnership with Citrix, can help you meet the needs of your talented staff now.

The rise of the freelancer

The trend towards freelancers, consultants and contractors and away from employees is already with us, and this trend will only become stronger. To work productively, the modern workforce needs to be able to connect from their personal devices to multiple customers, and to switch between different clients. With Deptive’s mobility solutions and desktop virtualisation solutions in place, you will be enabling the right working environment to support the modern workforce, without compromising security.

What about security?

Many of your staff will use their own devices at work regardless of whether or not you have approved use of BYOD. So it makes sense to have both security controls and BYOD policy in place. Deptive’s Citrix enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions will secure the devices of your workforce, along with the information contained on them. For example, a PIN number is enforced on each device, and business applications and data are encrypted on the device.

With the meteoric rise in the use of mobile devices, the management of desktop solutions, and the security of these, has often not kept pace. What happens if an employee leaves or worse, is fired and takes with them their devices that contain corporate data and company-sensitive information? Or when a staff member’s device containing corporate data is left in a taxi, or is stolen or damaged beyond repair? These common issues are solved by having managing mobile devices, applications and data with an enterprise mobility management (EMM) suite. EMM allows your organisation to remotely wipe the entire device, or just the corporate applications and data from the device. This is an important legal distinction. Remotely wiping an entire device may land you in court, whereas wiping only corporate apps and data is the legal right of your organisation to protect its applications and data.

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