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Back in the old days (the traditional IT environment)

In the traditional IT environment, employees were each provided with a PC and a desk, and that’s where they sat all day.

Back then, all necessary Windows desktop apps were deployed to the individual PCs, with PCs being upgraded every few years. All the Windows desktop apps were deployed to each PC again and so the cycle continued.

Now all this has changed thanks to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.

The current IT environment

Today’s complete desktop virtualisation solution empowers the mobile workforce, successfully overcoming the one PC per user dilemma and giving IT departments a quicker and cheaper way to manage the desktop.

Desktop virtualisation enables easy and inexpensive deployment of low-cost thin clients (terminals used to access your virtual desktop), or deployment to mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, and BYODs, which today are almost ubiquitous in the modern NZ workplace.

Using the power of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, these clients and devices connect back to a virtual desktop running securely in the data centre. XenDesktop delivers the full Windows desktop operating system, or your business can use XenApp to deliver just applications to any device.

Your organisation can re-purpose old PC hardware as virtual desktop clients, extending the life of your PC investment and reducing the cost of the desktop virtualisation solution. Combining robust solutions from Citrix with Deptive’s proven expertise provides a cost effective, secure and manageable desktop refresh as an alternative to purchasing and deploying new PCs.

Many organisations use desktop virtualisation with their overseas-based outsourcing partners, allowing these partners to connect easily and securely to the organisation’s New Zealand-based applications.

Benefits of application and desktop virtualisation

The same user experience

The beauty of a comprehensive desktop solution is that the mobile workforce is empowered to use Windows applications, which are centralised in the organisation’s data centre. They enjoy the same user experience always, regardless of where they are working from, when they are working, and what devices they are using.


As all data and applications are centralised securely in the data centre, your organisation enjoys improved protection against data loss, intellectual property and company-sensitive information.

Deptive addresses these issues easily and securely with virtual desktop solutions powered by Citrix XenDesktop in combination with other Citrix mobile workspace applications and when we’ve delivered it, we can provide its on-going reliability through our managed services contract. Click here for more information about Deptive Managed Services.

Cost reduction and simplified application/desktop management

By centralising the management, control and security of application and desktop delivery:

  • Costs, including application management labour costs, are reduced.
  • Desktop image updates are optimised.
  • End user issues are reduced and help desk call volumes decrease accordingly.


With applications and desktops housed in the data centre, transaction-processing times are significantly reduced. Users are able to work from any location, at any time and remain fully productive, enjoying the same user experience whether they are working from home, from a café or at a client site.

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