What is ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and when is it happening?

With work and personal lives increasingly overlapping, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) lets people work securely and effectively from their own personal devices. Flexibility and convenience, without the hassle of dragging that work laptop home every night.

The two key benefits of a solid BYOD programme are:

  • Easily support the demands of workers as they bring in new devices like iPads, Macs, Android devices, tablets, smartphones, and personal laptops into the workplace. Your people get to keep working in the way they want to, on the devices they want to us. Up and running faster, better productivity, no complaints about your hardware.
  • Get out of the PC procurement and configuration business by providing a device agnostic, self-service application store. Empower your people to drive their own work life, improving their productivity, collaboration and mobility.

BYOD and security

Truth is, some of your people are probably going to use their own devices anyway: so you might as well have control. Deptive’s BYOD solutions will help you reduce costs and streamline management through self-service provisioning and automated management and monitoring. You’ll simplify your IT provisioning by deploying apps once for use on any device, at the same time as protecting your sensitive information from loss or theft in a way that mitigates privacy, compliance and risk problems.

BYOD technology we use

We’ve searched the world for the best BYOD technology: desktop virtualisation via Citrix XenDesktop, application delivery via Citrix XenApp, and secure data sharing via Citrix ShareFile are core enablers for BYOD. When you work with Deptive, you know you’re getting the best current and emergent technology available.

BYOD with no fuss, no security issues, no down time: call the team at Deptive today on 0800 000 141

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